Folding, cutting and bending

At Calderería Integral Tacalme XXI, S.L., we manufacture components for machine tools, automotive and industrial installations, also for all types of work associated with metalwork and metalwork, we also offer folding, cutting and bending services.

Experts in folding, cutting and curving

At Calderería Integral Tacalme XXI S.L., we offer commercial and technical spare parts service for all models of shears, folding machines and shot blasting machines currently on the market. We are specialists in the Mebusa brand, we have all the original spare parts of that brand, carrying out all the processes until final delivery.

Manufacture, assembly, installation and maintenance

The work we do not only includes the manufacture according to the needs of the clients, but also the assembly and installation of what we manufacture until it is in conditions for its perfect use and operation, as well as all the maintenance and spare parts that the customer may need.

For our manufacturing processes we have state-of-the- art machinery, an aspect that allows us to offer customers products of the highest quality and fully adapted to their needs. At Calderería Integral Tacalme XXI S.L., we manufacture metal structures for constructions that require high-quality materials, we are also dedicated to the manufacture of metal structures for construction, aeronautics and the automotive sector, structures with special needs in terms of high resistance and metal constructions for public and civil works.


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